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Karen Murdock Your Organized Friend

I'd love to take a moment and tell you a little about myself and my company.  Have you ever wondered who can help me get organized?  Professional Organizers help you through all the life transitions that may end up crossing your path and the clutter that often accompanies those transitions.  Our clients include busy professionals,  young moms, families, baby boomers, widows and retired seniors all with a similar request, to have their lives simplified.  

We love to get to know my clients and hear their story so we can customize solutions to meet their needs and increase their chances of maintaining organization after we are gone. That's why I like to start with a  "Meet and Greet" and move on to designing solutions and of course finish with implementation of the recommended solutions and systems.  

While your visiting our website please be sure to check out our workshops! We offer paper system workshops featuring the Sunday Basket as the starting point to your paper system and Photo Organizing workshops to take you from chaos to a photo collection.  Many of our clients get started by selecting these options

February and March Events

February 17th - Senior Solutions Present The Vintage Roadshow

March 11th Printed Photo Organizing Workshop

March 17th Paper Organizing Workshop

For more information or to register for these upcoming events please contact


What spaces do we organize? 

What spaces don't we organize!

Garages, offices, bedrooms, storage, closets, 

kitchen, basements.   Did I miss one? How about desks?

Where ever the stuff in your life is causing clutter!

 We will blast it out!

Knowing that clutter doesn't just happen I've taken training in excessive clutter, hoarding,

 basic disorganization and squalor through the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.

 As a mother of five, I also know that sometimes clutter comes from just being busy.

Certified in Photo Organizing by the Association of Personal Photo Organizer.

I like to suggest organizing your printed photos as a great start to downsizing!

Our decluttering services include helping you with donations and selling of items.

We bring experience, wisdom and an understanding of your situation to help you.

Professional Organizers that specialize in dealing with clutter, downsizing & chaos

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We provide the help you need to get organized!