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Do You Have A Monster In The Basement?

Posted on 18 March, 2016 at 20:05

Often I see boxes and boxes of mixed things in storage rooms. You know the boxes I'm talking about.The boxes that you can't categorize because everything was tossed in to it without thought. The boxes you said you would deal with eventually. The problem gets totally out of control when you keep adding to the stash of these boxes and eventually it ends up in the storage room and more often than not its contents are forgotten or replaced. I have one client who refers to it as "The Monster in the Basement".


I was recently in a home where there were over thirty boxes just like I have described. Some of the things in the boxes were important (resumes) and other things were not (flyers) but they were all thrown in together and piled up in the storage room. Unfortunately as will happen in time, the owner ran out of room and could no longer find anything or even have room to search when in the storage room.


So how best to prevent this in the first place? These are a few points to consider:


1. Prevention - Slow down, relax and breathe. For those really busy days, when you are just too tired to move set up a clear shoebox container that stays in a visible spot for those things you just aren't sure of where they should go.


2. Stop delaying the decision - These boxes are the result of delayed decisions. I will deal with that later, I don't have time to think where to put this, and I don't have a suitable place for this object. When you keep delaying the decisions you end up creating a project. If you didn't have time to deal with it before it can be even worse trying to find time to do a project.


3. Break it down - Just like you would eat an elephant "One bite at a time" work at it slowly. Put your timer on and devote 10 minutes to finding a solution for as many things as you can that are in those boxes.


4. Set up a system - Having a system in place helps prevent this clutter and helps you locate what you need.


5. Storage Containers - Place a label (either at the location or on the container) for guidance in retrieval. Uniform containers encourage the design and use of your system.


6. Work with others who may use the storage room. Having everyone on the same page is important and giving them part ownership will encourage them to follow the system.


An organized storage room, file room or supply room is a great tool for time management. If family (or staff) can locate what they need quickly it allows them to go on to more productive activities. How many minutes or hours are wasted in a week looking for things in a storage room. This takes away from productivity and often results in people running late.


Placing objects back in the correct spot builds dependability in the system. If you have someone who you know will have trouble with the follow through, ask what you can do to make the system work better for them. Agreed solutions and compromises from teamwork can result in keeping a storage room organized. If only you will be using the storage space make sure it works for your work style. Don't be afraid to add touches that are a decorative if you need that for your personal style to make things work better for you. It doesn't have to be all about function.


If you have a storage room that needs organizing and you don't think you have the time or can't do it on your own call a Professional Organizer in your area. Many of today's busy professionals are now relying on Professional Organizers to organize their homes and offices. Trained Professional Organizers are qualified to organize for you and set up systems that will work for you going forward. Always taking into consideration your budget, learning style, workstyle and lifestyle.

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