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Connecting with Old Friends in the New Year

Posted on February 2, 2017 at 10:55 PM

Add Sparkle to Your Life....

I was raised in a small, rural community. My parents were both raised in the same small town, and most of their brothers and sisters also decided to stay there and raise their families. Truth be told, I was related to about half the town. It was a different time and a different simpler way of life and a simpler time. My mom’s best friend was even my best friend’s mom!

Who would have guessed when we were children that Trudy and I would be life-long friends? Having five brothers between us created an unbreakable sisters by choice bond. There were years when we didn’t hear from each other as we were busy raising our children, and building our careers. But it never took long for us to reconnect and start sharing the newest updates in our lives. Just picking up the phone and hearing that familiar voice on the other end always raised my spirits.

Over the years, I lost touch with many friends from my home town. People move, there are births and deaths, divorces, and other life changes that take us down different paths. But in recent years I have found many of my old friends again thanks to the Internet. I love going into my office with my morning cup of coffee, and seeing a friend request from someone who I haven’t talked to in thirty or forty years. Are you ready to reconnect with your old friends? If you’re not sure where to start, follow these simple tips, and you’ll be laughing over shared memories in no time.


Tip 1 – Go Old School: Pen and Paper

A friend of mine recently decided to write her old pen pals - friends she’d been writing for over fifty years! The death of her mother had left her without the energy to continue writing but after 4 years, she was ready to reconnect and put pen to paper. Pick up your address book and reach out to old friends or family. Current addresses can often be found with a simple Internet search.


Tip 2 – Go New School: Social Media

Look up friends and family on social media websites. On Facebook, for example, you can search by names, locations, schools, and workplaces to find old friends. Many women include their maiden names on Facebook to help others locate them. While it may be intimidating to reach out online, the rewards are enormous. The sooner you get over the fear of making a mistake or breaking something, the sooner you’ll be looking at pictures of your grandchildren on Facebook or Instagram!


Tip 3 – Get Back Online with Search Engines

The search engine Google is a great place to start searching for friends and family members. A few years ago, my husband’s aunt suddenly moved and we didn’t have her new address; er name popped up in a Google search when she was mentioned in a newsletter for a Senior’s Residence in BC. She had fallen, and then had gone into care straight from the hospital, and couldn’t locate our contact information. We reconnected, and he now acts as her substitute decision-maker.


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