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Hobbies, Crafts and their Supplies

Posted on 14 January, 2018 at 8:25

Are you creative? Enjoy hobbies and all the wonderful little odds and bits that come with your hobby!

Do you have the space to hold all your hobby supplies and lastly can you find your supplies when you want them! If not you want to reorganize and maybe even purge your supplies.

I have always enjoyed crafts, I think I got them from my mom who taught me the joy of creating with my hands.

The real trick to being successful with your hobby supplies is reviewing annually how often you enjoyed that hobby in the past year. If you have gone a year without doing that hobby I recommend putting all the supplies for that hobby in a big Rubbermaid bin with a date on the bin and hold it for one more year. If you haven't used it by next year pass the supplies on to someone. If it has already been over two years the odds are you won't do that hobby again it is now a part of your pass and that's OK.

Be honest with yourself do you have the room to hold on to all your hobby supplies. Do they have an assigned home and do you have a workstation. Having a workstation makes a huge difference. Having a workstation that you love to look at and makes you feel motivated and creative also helps you keep it tidy.

I like to organize my supplies two-fold. #1 like with like. I do pencil sketching and all my pencils, colored, HB, H, B and pencil sharpener live together, #2 keep your supplies together in families. I have my papers, erasers, brushes, etc. located right beside my pencils. Easy to grab and put away when I'm done.

This leads us to the last pieces of the puzzle. You need to close the loop. If you are having a night to work on your hobby be sure to schedule time at the end to do the cleanup. Set a timer if you need too. Finally, avoid doing more than one creative project at a time.

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