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Home Organizing & Downsizing

Home Organizing & Downsizing is about having systems, routines and designs in place so that your home is functional and relaxing for you. It is about a lot more than organizing a space it is about creating a sanctuary for you. As a top organizing company in Edmonton we are experts at decluttering, downsizing and organizing.

If you want to organize a kitchen pantry, bathroom or your entire house the team from Your Organized Friend provides professional home organizing and downsizing services and can assist you in implementing the solution within your budget. We can do a consult and a follow-up to act as your accountability partner or we can design the solution and implement for you. We do projects as small as a pantry and as complex as an entire home.

Don't worry about excessive clutter we do that too! We have a team of organizing specialists that work with you if your home has gotten hoarded and you are ready to reclaim your home. Did you know clutter can result in anxiety and depression and anxiety and depression can result in clutter? Our team knows how to work with you to get the best results and ensure you stay safe and healthy during the process.  By the way just because a home is hoarded doesn't mean the occupants are hoarders. You can work with a team or a personal organizer who is an expert at finding home organizing solutions.

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to help keep your life and home organized.

"RESET BUTTON"  If you have ever said I need to clean up my maid service comes tomorrow you need to talk to us about our new program.  We will organize while we clean.  This is not straightening magazines on your coffee table this is knowing you and your systems and hitting reset for you so your home is tidy and clean.

"Special Needs" We have helped those with special organizing needs by designing very specific solutions and working slowly with them one on oneOur clients have included those with cognitive issues, ADHD, grieving individuals, physical limitations, hoarding issues, chronic disorganization, excessive clutter, situational disorganization, as well as busy moms and professionals. We are the decluttering experts in Edmonton.

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