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Karen Murdock, CEA

Organizing Expert

Karen Murdock Edmonton and area Professional Organizer

Meet Karen, a dedicated individual with a passion for organization and productivity. Karen's journey towards organization started from a childhood spent amidst clutter and disarray. However, with years of research, study, and experimentation, she has honed her skills and knowledge to become an expert in the field. As a mother of five, Karen has learned the importance of organization in leading a happy and fulfilling life, and is dedicated to helping others achieve the same.

Karen's extensive experience in the funeral and cemetery industry has also given her a unique perspective on the importance of having your affairs in order before it's too late. During her time in this industry, she realized the value of organizing photos, paperwork, and making end-of-life arrangements to bring peace of mind to families during their time of loss.

In addition to her organizational skills, Karen is also an education enthusiast, constantly seeking new knowledge and ways to improve. Trust Karen to help you live an organized, productive, and fulfilling life.



Certified Organizing Specialist

Trained Professional Organizer

Certified Photo Organizing Manager

Certified Organization Expert

Certified Executor Advisor

Certified Holistic Life Coach

Certified Stress Management Coach

Trusted Advisor

Paper Tiger Expert

Certificate in Holistic Organizing

Ezine Expert Author

Past Columnist for Alberta Caregiver Magazine

Edmonton & Area Past Chapter Chair -

Professional Organizers in Canada

Past Organizing Coach for Fabulous @50 Edmonton

Empowering Seniors to Create Safer

Communities Initiative Volunteer

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"APPLE" Magazine - Winter 2017\

Featured in Womanition Magazine since 2016

Featured in 2016-2017 Divorce Magazine

Featured in the March 2018 Issue Be Fabulous

Founder the Senior Solutions Team

Co-Founder the Alberta Business Community Connectors



More Certificates of Study:​

      Chronic Disorganization

      CD Client Administration

      Basic Hoarding Issues with the CD Client

      Basic ADD Issues with the CD Client

      Aging in Place

      Executor Advisor

      Cracking the Dementia Code

Professional Affiliations

Professional Photo Managers Association

Professional Organizers in Canada

Institute for Challenging Disorganization

Association of Personal Photo Organizers

Canadian Institute of Certified Executor Advisors

National Association of Specialty and Senior Move Managers

Member of the Edmonton Hoarding Coalition

Member of the Photo Managers Association Advisory Board

President - Alberta Sharing Closet Society

Donation Drop off Centre for the Little Warriors

- Be Brave Ranch

Photo Managers Association Advisory Board


At Your Organized Friend, we strive to equip ourselves with a versatile set of skills and strategies to enable you to live life to the fullest. Our approach goes beyond mere clutter control and organization; it encompasses a comprehensive outlook towards creating an optimal living experience..

Sandra Griff with Your Organized Friend Home Organizing in Edmonton and area

Sandra Griff

Organizing Expert

Sandra, a Lead Organizer at Your Organized Friend since 2015, is all about getting things done quickly and efficiently, but with a touch of fun! She's an expert in decluttering entire homes and managing estate dispersals. With her Trained Professional Organizer certification and Organization Specialist designation, Sandra is highly skilled in her field. But what really sets her apart is her approachable and relatable nature. Whether you're facing a cluttered space or an estate settlement, Sandra makes the process as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Joclynn joined Your Organized Friend team in July 2021, bringing with her a talent for creating functional and visually calming spaces. She's a lifesaver for busy professionals and exhausted moms, offering expert guidance in organizing everything from paper systems to routines, schedules, and Pinterest-worthy spaces. On the bigger home decluttering projects, Joclynn is a pro at tackling the clutter and can even help older clients streamline their living spaces as they downsize. Joclynn's friendly and relatable nature makes her the perfect partner for anyone looking to get organized. She has a way of making even the most overwhelming tasks feel manageable and enjoyable.






Joclyn Gosselin Home Office Organizer in Edmonton and area

Joclyn Gosselin

Organizing Expert

Your Organized Friend was founded to help clients get their homes and photos in order. Over time, the company has expanded its offerings to include a range of holistic services, such as support for those grieving, navigating divorce, and managing estate settlements. Additionally, our team provides assistance with downsizing, decluttering, packing and moving, and our sales specialists can even help recoup some of your expenses by selling unwanted items on a commission basis. Our goal is to become a trusted partner, freeing up your time to focus on what truly matters in your life.


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